White Chocolate Whiteout Cake

This weeks recipe is White Chocolate Whiteout mini cakes. Don’t be fooled by the pure, white, innocent looking cakes. They are a rich, more-ish bake. 

White chocolate Whiteout cake consists of layers of rich moist white chocolate cake covered with sweet white chocolate buttercream. Whats not to like!

Now I know I am bias having created the recipe but I will say it anyway. These mini cakes are quite possibly the best white chocolate cake I have ever eaten. I know big statement.

The cake is perfectly balanced with a soft, light, white chocolate frosting that melts in the mouth.

A few words of advice watch the colour of the butter you use if you want to keep the beautiful whiteness, a pale butter is best. I couldn’t find a pale butter in the supermarket so used traditional English butter, however I know that it is more accessible in other parts of the world. For my UK readers you can always add a few drops of white food colouring.

White Chocolate Whiteout Cake
White Chocolate Whiteout Cake
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Prep Time
40 min
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 40 min
Prep Time
40 min
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 40 min
  1. 250g Butter, chopped into pieces
  2. 150g White chocolate, chopped into pieces
  3. 440g Caster sugar
  4. 250ml Whole milk
  5. 225g Plain flour
  6. 75g Self-raising flour
  7. 1 Tsp Vanilla extract
  8. 2 Eggs, lightly beaten
For the Buttercream
  1. 125g Icing sugar
  2. 200g White Chocolate
  3. 6 Tbsp Double cream
  4. 1 Tsp Vanilla
  5. 15ml Milk
  6. 30g Butter
  1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees
  2. Grease and line a deep 20cm-round cake pan if making one large cake or 20CM square time if making mini cakes.
  3. Combine the butter, chocolate, sugar and milk in medium saucepan over low heat, without boiling until the mixture is smooth.
  4. Next transfer the mixture into a large bowl and allow to cool for about 15 minutes.
  5. Once cool whisk in the flours, then vanilla and lastly eggs.
  6. Poor the mixture into the prepared cake tin. Cover loosely with foil, bake for 1 hour. Allow to cool fully before cutting and putting on the buttercream frosting.
  7. I cut this large cake in to mini cakes using a standard circle cookie cutter, layered with buttercream and topped with a buttercream swirl.
For the Buttercream
  1. Beat together the butter, milk and vanilla.
  2. Gradually add the icing sugar and beat until combined and smooth
  3. Next met the chocolate i do this over a pan of water, but in the microwave is fine too.
  4. Once the chocolate has cooled a little beat this in to the icing milk along with the cream.
  1. Enjoy 🙂


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