No bake Rolo Fudge

Soft, creamy Rolo Caramel Fudge that requires only 4 ingredients and about 10 minutes of your time. I know what your thinking. Sounds too good to be true right? Well nope. Get making it!

This recipe has been adapted from Janes patisserie. This woman is hardcore. All of her blog recipes look delicious and she doesn’t hold back. I came across this recipe on Instagram and have been wanting to make it for some time, I just didn’t get round to it until now. Believe it or not, this chocolate lover has actually taken out some chocolate and this fudge is still tooth tingling good. 


The Uk has been experiencing a mini heat wave this week, or should I say the hottest temperature we have had for a long time. I like to keep a batch of this fudge in the freezer and grab a piece right from the freezer when I want a sweet treat. I don’t know if it is just me being odd but the I just love the frozen chocolate Rolo wrapped in the soft melt in the mouth fudge. All I am gonna say is don’t knock it until you have tried it.

This fudge should be stored in the fridge anyway as this sort of fudge is naturally a bit softer, That’s sort of the beauty. It feels more indulgent and gooey.

I want to take a moment to apologise about the poor presentation of this fudge. I forgot I was a blogger for a moment and started to eat and share this without taking pictures! Oops. Not sure how that even happened.

 I also didn’t take the time to cut this into nice even squares and quite frankly this batch was for home and here we don’t care if pieces are perfectly square. I am regretting that decision a little now, as I am not showing it off to its best.

This would make a great present and stores really well in sealed mason jars in the fridge. 

Rolo Fudge
Rolo Fudge
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  1. 1x 397g Tin Carnations Caramel
  2. 400g White Chocolate, Chopped
  3. 125g Icing Sugar, Sifted
  4. 300g Rolos
  1. Line a tin with baking paper – I use a 8×8″ square tin.
  2. Melt the chocolate in a large heat proof bowl.
  3. Once melted beat in the Caramel.
  4. Next Sift in the icing sugar and combine well, beating it in .
  5. Pour in 3/4 of the Rolos and quickly stir through pour into the tin and smooth over the mixture. ( I chopped up some of the Rolo's and left some whole)
  6. Now add rest of the Rolos where there are any gaps, and press into the top of the fudge. Set the fudge in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours to set, or overnight! Overnight works best if you can wait that long.
  7. Once set – remove from the tin and cut into the squares. Simple as that
  1. Enjoy 🙂
Adapted from Jane Patisserie
Adapted from Jane Patisserie


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