About Liv

Hi I’m Olivia (Liv for short) and I’ll say it: I’m addicted to cake. Well, just about anything pretty and baked. I live and work in sunny Chelmsford, alongside running a home based Bakery and Etsy Shop.

I’m passionate about the art of baking and Party design! I studied Interactive and Screen Based graphics at university and discovered cake decorating was another platform to display my designs and ignite my creative fire.

Contact Liv

Contact me at: livalittlebakery@hotmail.com. I try very hard to respond to each email I receive. Please forgive me if, for some reason, I am unable to get back to you. I want to say hi… I just need more hours in the day. Liv a Little bakery is a part-time operation around a very full-time job so bear with me.

Let’s be friends!

Facebook: Never miss a blog post by connecting with me on Facebook (click “Like” and then check “Get Notifications” from the drop-down menu – that way you’ll be sure to see all my new updates). you will be pleased to know I only update my Facebook page with personal kitchen happenings and Liv a little bakery specific posts.

Email: livalittlebakery@hotmail.com

Twitter: tweet me @livalittlebakes

Instagram: Cakes & party goodness

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